IT Modernization

Enterprise solutions architecture

Our enterprise application provides clients full suite of technology stacks driven by client needs. Our service includes:

Provides enterprise application design support leveraging distributed technology, service-oriented architecture, Web services, Microservice, API driven architecture.
Document design and architecture consideration using Enterprise Architecture standards for future enhancement and optimal operational consideration.
Application development leveraging multiple technology stacks such as Java, Net, MuleSoft, ColdFusion, workflow-based solution.
Aligning cybersecurity standards to the application design standard and & implementation.

DevSecOps solutions

Establish Continuous Delivery using establishing DevSecOps practice. The support includes:

Establishing DevOps and the Deployment Pipeline.
Scaling to a Team with Continuous Integration.
Documenting the Deployment Pipeline for Tightly Coupled Architectures.
Practices for Tightly versus Loosely Coupled Architectures.


Enabling seamless integration with seamless API solutions by:

Benchmarking integration solutions to determine what best meets the needs of the agency.
Developing API driven data services solutions that put data where the users & customers can access seamlessly & securely.
Maximize the agencies investment in application and open source tools by connecting different technologies & data sources.

Enterprise Data

Data analytics

Supports clients in establishing analytic solutions in support of business strategy by:

Align BI approach with agencies business strategy.
Developing analytic solutions that put data where the user wants to engage it.
Maximize the agencies investments in BI tools by benchmarking BI solutions to determine what best meets the needs of the agency.

Data architecture

Supports clients with building an evolutionary Data Architecture that:

Incorporates best practices.
Supports the agency in designing domain/capability driven data models which supports segmented yet connected enterprise solutions.
Documenting data architecture using Enterprise Architecture standards which include publishing conceptual, logical, and physical data models in a common repository.
Working with EA team to build data standards in line with commercial, federal, and DoD standards such as NIEM, NIST, and agency specific standards.
Aligning cybersecurity standards to the data architecture design and implementation.

Data governance

Supports clients in establishing & implementing successful data governance programs by:

Driving the modernization and establishment of data management policies and frameworks.
Engaging with data stewards, solution owners, and data owners to analyze and improve existing data
Working with business and enterprise architecture teams to build data standards such as NIEM, NIST, and DLMS.
Incorporating records management solutions into day to day business.