Contracts & Certifications

In need of innovative and agile information technology and/or management services at a small scale or mission critical level, that needs to be done today? Why wait for a full year procurement cycle?

Oran Inc has the skills sets and you can reach us as a prime through a variety of pre-qualified, flexible contracting and streamlined ordering process contracts. Through these easy-to-use contract vehicles, your agency is able to get the services needed at a competitive price and in timetables up to five to six months faster than full and open procurement. Below are the vehicles available for your use.


GSA established long-term Government wide Contracts with commercial firms to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. Each GSA Schedule is composed of Special Item Numbers (SINs). This is a categorization method that groups similar products, services, and solutions together to aid in the acquisition process.


Oran Inc has earned and adopted industry standards as part of our commitment to improve our organizational structure and client delivery.

State Level Contracts

Oran Inc has applied for and be accepted on state level contracts to provide different IT service support.