IT Modernization

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Our enterprise application provides clients full suite of technology stacks driven by client needs. Our service includes:
– Provides enterprise application design support leveraging distributed technology, service-oriented architecture, Web services, Microservice, API driven architecture.
– Document design and architecture consideration using Enterprise Architecture standards for future enhancement and optimal operational consideration.
– Application development leveraging multiple technology stacks such as Java, Net, MuleSoft, ColdFusion, workflow-based solution.
– Aligning cybersecurity standards to the application design standard and & implementation

DevSecOps Solution

Establish Continuous Delivery using establishing DevSecOps practice. The support includes:

• Establishing DevOps and the Deployment Pipeline
• Scaling to a Team with Continuous Integration
• Documenting the Deployment Pipeline for Tightly Coupled Architectures
• Practices for Tightly versus Loosely Coupled Architectures


Enabling seamless integration with seamless API solutions by:

• Benchmarking integration solutions to determine what best meets the needs of the agency
• Developing API driven data services solutions that put data where the users & customers can access seamlessly & securely
• Maximize the agencies investment in application and open source tools by connecting different technologies & data sources