Enterprise Architecture

“Team Oran, as part of our EA team participated on the JIE Reference Architecture Tiger Team and were crucial participants in defining the DoD Data Management Reference Model which was adopted by the DoD EA and Services Board (EASB).”

Supports clients with building an evolutionary EA strategy that:
• incorporates best practices
• establishes an EA Repository (DEAR) beyond the EA tools
• supports the agency in a building Capability Model and detailed Business Process Catalog
• establishing an Enterprise Architecture Review Board (EARB) to help manage and control IT investments in support of the agency
• support the modernization of IT solutions

Enterprise Data Management

“Team Oran approach was Instrumental in architecting our data journey to improve data maturity over the years with innovative process and astute technical solution with cultural transformation.”

Supports clients by:
• benchmarking data integration solutions to determine what best meets the needs of the agency
• driving the modernization and establishment of data management policies and frameworks
• communicating the importance of and for data management
• engaging with data stewards, solution owners, and data owners to analysis and improve existing data
• working with EA team to build data standards in line with commercial, federal, and DoD standards such as NIEM, NIST, and DLMS
• helping establish and develop a records management solution
• establish and implementation of successful data quality programs

Enterprise Business Analytics

“Team Oran approach to analytics and understanding of data has supported our agency in making solution investments with the right tools at the right time.”

Supports clients by:
• align BI approach with agencies business strategy
• developing analytic solutions that put data where the user wants to engage it
• maximize the agencies investment in BI tools
• improve customer satisfaction
• benchmarking BI solutions to determine what best meets the needs of the agency

CIO/CTO Support

"Team Oran offers agencies a fundamentally new business model with leadership, innovation, and comprehensive technical and programmatic solutions to deliver a secure, integrated technology and management approach."

Supports clients by:
• designing and building innovate DevOps solutions using cloud technologies
• testing to existing and new cybersecurity standards using automated testing tools
• acting as a change agent supporting both technical and business changes
• utilizing agile processes to support organizational change management, DevOps, and solution deployments
• providing whitepapers in areas of interest
• documenting test plans and processes